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Hindu Kush has been the parental variety of numerous hybrids since its launch. Sensi Seeds used it to create the popular Skunk Kush. The most recent of these hybrids is OG Kush, which has shown that when the genetics are so good, there is no reason to stop using them! This feminized version of Hindu Kush gives a new twist to an old classic.

This beautiful and original indica of the Hindu Kush has fascinated growers for many years. Hailed as the birthplace of the Indica varieties, the mountain range that gives its name to this variety of cannabis seeds covers the border between Pakistan and India on the one hand and extends halfway to Afghanistan on the other. Evolving under the wind of the slopes of the mountains at high altitude has given this classic variety a series of characteristics that are a definite advantage for growers, whether indoors or outdoors in hot and sunny climates. The creation of a feminized version of this original, much appreciated, was an obvious choice. The plants of Hindu Kush Feminized have a compact stature, a short time of flowering and a good resistance to culture conditions not ideal. Plants grown from these seeds develop a thick layer of trichomes to help protect their flowers. They are also resistant to mold and diseases. Beginners and anyone who struggles with nothing perfect gardening conditions will surely appreciate the endurance and generous nature of Hindu Kush Feminized.

To create the ideal expression of the Hindu Kush heritage, Sensi Seeds retained these useful qualities and improved the aroma and strength by careful breeding within the same genetic background. As you would expect from a type of cannabis bred to have both a low height and a short flowering period, Hindu Kush Feminized provides an average yield, although very satisfactory. In the hands of growers with some kind of experience, and / or given a longer vegetative period to allow the plants to reach a larger size, it may increase. Plants grown outdoors in warm, Mediterranean climates with long, hot summers can reach an impressive height.

Hindu Kush Feminized produces short, strong side branches that easily support dense buds that swell rapidly during the weeks of flowering. However, the main focus of bloom energy is sent to the central tail. This is where the "prize" in the form of a heart will be developed. This growth pattern means that Hindu Kush Feminized is very suitable for cannabis cultivation techniques such as SOG and lollipopping.

The aroma of Hindu Kush Feminized is a combination, subtle but characteristic, of touches of spiced woods and the classic earthy touches of Afghan. It is a pleasant and attractive smell with the soul of charas that undoubtedly inspires fans of indicas! Despite the many hybrids to which Hindu Kush has given rise, there is no other variety that has the exact flavors of anise and sandalwood that appear when cured buds are consumed or handled. Although it has a sweet touch at the beginning of the flowering period, as the buds ripen it becomes a spicy itch that, once you become familiar with it, is instantly recognizable.

Hindu Kush Feminized also expresses the effects, very appreciated and equally characteristic, of the original. When consumed, this variety provides a feeling of deep peace and tranquility that is very relaxing. However, the body effect is so clean that it is not at all an experience "that leaves you stuck to the sofa." This distinguishes it from the vast majority of indica varieties and hybrids indicates that they offer a strong sedative effect. Hindu Kush is undoubtedly effective in relieving stress, nausea and pain, but it does so without leaving you "KO", an effect that consumers do not always want.

Hindu Kush Feminized is a welcome member of the Kush family that Sensi Seeds knows you will love. It has the same flavors and aromas spiced with distinctive anise and sandalwood as the original precious, the same growth patterns and yield potential, but now in a reliable feminized expression that makes it easier than ever to grow it. Choose these Hindu Kush Feminized cannabis seeds for a classic variety in an updated format!

· Sunny / Mediterranean
· Compact plant
· Flowering 45 - 50 days
· Average performance
· 100% Indica

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