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Amnesia Bilbo · Genehtik Seeds

 Based on a famous Dutch plant Amnesia Haze winner of numerous awards, have feminized this variety for our Amnesia Bilbo. This variety is the most remarkable sativa our catalog for its intense aroma and flavor Haze.Esta seed produces large plants with good bud that impressed by the amount of resin that covers. Grown outdoors have to be careful because it is a marijuana plant that grabs a lot of height. Your Arona and are the classic Haze taste metallic, incense, leaving a light and pleasant flavor reminiscent of licorice on the palate. Its power is what has made ? this plant so famous and champion of many awards. 

Not for beginners because of their psychoactive power that is superior to any other.

Its effect really lives up to its name.

Specifications. -
Type: Sativa
Production: 550-700 g/m2.
Flowering indoor: 69-75 days
Outdoor Harvest: October


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