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Sleestack x Skunk these regular cannabis seeds by DNA Genetics are from strains developed and bred in Amsterdam from marijuana strains that have been collected for years. These pot seeds or as some refer to them as, weed seeds, are not sexed and give rise to both male and females plants. The Sleestack x Skunk (SleeSkunk) is possibly one of the best hash producers in the world!  It is tasty and very resinous.  When grown, this strain turns out a good yield.  She is fast flowering producing a very clear, up high, all day medication that is not too body. The room smell is amazing as you smoke her.  She treats depression, anxiety and also relieves tension.  She is great tasting – particularly, lemony with a funk.  She grows in the classic xmas tree shape.

  • 70%Sativa : 30% Indica
  • Flowering Time:  8-9 weeks
  • Yield:  450-500g/m2
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