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White Skunk Automatic · White Label Seeds

For many years, White Skunk has proven to be an all-terrain variety for novice growers. The original was designed to offer very affordable high quality genetics, and the tradition continues with White Skunk Automatic. These feminized seeds become strong and autoflowering Skunk plants with buds covered with white resin.

Due to the vigor, yield and potency of Skunk varieties, they are often recommended to first-time growers who are looking for quick, satisfying and easy-to-grow cannabis seeds. The only drawback of Skunk varieties is that they can give off a strong aroma when grown indoors. White Skunk Automatic, like the original White Skunk, does not have this problem. Even during flowering indoors, the plants give off little odor, easy to control and no more penetrating than the smell of a typical sativa-indica hybrid.

Most Skunk are easy to grow indoors with lights or outside in the sun in warmer climates. The autoflowering capability allows our White Skunk Automatic variety to grow in almost any environment, including cold northern latitudes with short or unpredictable summers. The Ruderalis genes that give this variety its autoflowering capacity also protect it significantly against fungi in humid summers.

White Skunk Automatic has a total culture time of less than 100 days (from 12 to 14 weeks). The plants spend the first six weeks of this time in the vegetative growth phase, mainly gaining height. In this period, bright light and long days are preferable to favor a rapid and vigorous development.

By the time the plants have produced from the 8th to the 10th pair of leaves of 5 leaflets, the first signs of flowering should be visible. White Skunk Automatic plants start flowering according to their own internal clock and do not depend on the photoperiod (hours of light per day) to start and continue their flowering phase. The flowering continues for 6 to 8 weeks, at which time the buds must be at their most optimal point of maturation. Mature plants usually have a size of 80 to 110 cm.

White Skunk Automatic produces the largest buds and, therefore, the majority of its production in the main stem. Some growers choose to prune the branches of the lower half to increase production in the central tail and save space, allowing indoor plants to grow closer together.

Due to its final compact size, the upper half of the well-cultivated White Skunk Automatic plants is usually formed by a solid, aromatic, resin-coated glue when harvested!

Most varieties of the Skunk family are of dominance indicates with a sativa influence that can vary from recessive to almost half. The buds of White Skunk Automatic have a more tropical influence than most Skunk plants, with large oval calyces and a relatively open formation. This gives the groups of flowers more surface to sprout the glands of powerful resin.

The central tails harvested from the mature plants are long, with an elegant structure, preserving and expressing at the same time their reliable indications. This means that they remain solid and sticky after drying, instead of becoming light and thin as with some very sativa hybrids. Equal weight, White Skunk Automatic buds can produce as much resin as a great performance variety like Super Skunk.

In addition, White Skunk Automatic differs from other Skunk varieties in its rich and complex aroma. The dried buds have an intense aroma, bitter orange, reminiscent of a good liquor, with touches of dark chocolate and traces of the pungent classic aroma Skunk.
White Skunk Automatic, which contains high levels of THC combined with a good proportion of CBD, is suitable as a variety of recreational or medicinal cannabis (except for medicinal users seeking a variety with minimal psychoactive effects). The cerebral effect is powerful and lasting, with a pleasant and relaxing body effect of the indica part of this variety, in addition to the cerebral stimulus that makes you smile and laugh from the sativa part.

We call White Skunk Automatic a multipurpose variety, because it can grow virtually anywhere, flourish automatically and adapt to a wide range of applications. We also call it off-road because its ease of cultivation and affordable price allows anyone to cultivate their own expert quality cannabis with the minimum of difficulties. Choose feminized cannabis seeds White Skunk Automatic, the best combination of price, performance and power!

· "Cold / Cool"
· Compact plant
· Flowering 40 - 50 days
· Average performance
· 85% Indica

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