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The Gelato Auto is an indica / sativa / ruderalis hybrid that produces a lot in record time, leaving you a very powerful effect, which is at the same time cheerful, cerebral and very relaxing, discover it now at Drgreenstore.com

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Gelato Auto · FastBuds Seeds

The feminized Auto Gelato is an indica / sativa / ruderalisque hybrid strain created by crossing an original gelato cut with an autoflowering Girl Scout Cookies.

It is a strain with a strong, branched and robust structure, and vigorous growth due to its Ruderalis part. The plants are shaped like a pyramid and during the flowering phase they produce a lot of purple and hard flowers. The feminized Auto Gelato offers impressive results indoors and outdoors, producing very rewarding crops in about 8-9 weeks after planting. When grown outdoors, in fertile soil or 18-liter pots, it can produce crops of about 250-300g per plant.

The resin-covered buds give off citrus and earthy aromas, with hints of caramel and exotic nuances and produce a very powerful effect, which is at the same time cheerful, cerebral and very relaxing.

 At the therapeutic level, it can eliminate stress, improve mood and turn insomnia into deep sleep.

  • Fastbuds brand
  • Genetics Ruderalis / Indica / Sativa
  • Parent Gelato clone x Auto GSC
  • Flowering Period 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest
  • THC Alto
  • CBD Low
  • Outdoor Production 250-300 gr / plant
  • Height Inside Medium
  • Medium Outdoor Height
  • Available as Feminized Seed

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