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Obsession · World of Seeds

After many years of cross-breeding, World of Seeds launches one of poly-hybrids more appreciated by its breeders. It's a cross that preserves more noble genetics and highest valued among cannabis connoisseurs due to its high germination percentage, plague resistance, short flowering periods, high THC and CBD contents and exceptional flavour.

  • Genotype- 90% indica / 10% sativa
  • THC- 15-20%
  • Indoor Harvest Time- 8-9 weeks
  • Flavour- Liquorice
  • Way of cropping- In/Out
  • Production- 400-550 gr indoor / 400-600 gr outdoor
  • Smell -High
  • Effect- Not specified
  • Resistance- to mould High
  • Outdoor Harvest Time- late September early October
  • Resistance to plagues- High
  • Sex- Feminized
  • Lineage- skunk/cinderella 99/jack herer/pakistan
  • Irrigation tolerance- High
  • Medicinal value- Very high
World of Seeds

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