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Come from the mountains of Hindu Kush (north of Afghanistan). Another pure landrace, indica Kush grows wild in the valleys of the Armu Darya river that borders Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Afghan Kush is a very stable variety, almost 100% indica and probably has been the fruit of successive back crosses between wild varieties of Kush. Powerful strain that smells like the best Afghani hashish, we can consider Afghani Kush to be a very usefull medicinal strain.


  • Genotype 100% Indica
  • THC 21,6%
  • Indoor Harvest Time Not specified
  • Flavour Noble wood
  • Way of cropping In/Out
  • Production 450 gr indoor / 500-600 gr outdoor
  • Smell Very High
  • Effect Medicinal
  • Resistance to mould Medium
  • Outdoor Harvest Time Not Specified
  • Resistance to plagues Medium
  • Sex Regular
  • Lineage Afghanistan.
  • Irrigation tolerance Medium
  • Medicinal value Very high
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