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    With this new variety we expand our sativa's catalog with another plant that will give much to talk about, because it is a short flowering plant Sativa’s lovers cannot overlook at it. It is not suitable for novice growers because if you get a bit distracted, or the plant is stressed at the beginning of flowering, it tends to spin out its vigorous growth and also delayed flowering. It is also a fungus-resistant plant recommended for outdoor growing in places with high humidity. Has a strong brain effect for those who prefer a creative and energizing effect. It has also a great taste because it combines sour characteristic of the Sativas with a touch of cream and strawberry.

    • 20% indica 80% sativa
    • THC:20%.
    • CBD :Low
    • Genotype:Strawberry Haze x White Widow
    • Indoor vegetative period:1 - 2 weeks.
    • Indoor flowering period:70 - 75 days.
    • Indoor production/m2:About 400 gr.
    • Outdoor height:About 3 meters.
    • Outdoor harvest:Mid-October.
    • Outdoor production/m:Medium.
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