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This is an aromatic and energizing sativa variety that produces crops both indoors and outdoors. 8 Miles High has proven reliable under various stress factors such as abrupt changes in light and temperature. Plants can therefore be moved from indoor and planted out with no adverse effects. This variety is easy to grow and has no special requirements. It has shown good mold resistance and grows well in soil with no extra feeding.
8 Miles High has a great calyx-leaf ratio and slim leaves that make trimming the buds a quick job. Production of resinous buds throughout the plant from top to bottom guarantees a quality harvest. The aromatic properties of this strain are delightfully diverse and feature the rare trait of strawberry fragrance. During flowering a small brush against the plants releases a wonderful sweetness with an earthy undertone. This delicate aroma is followed by the freshness of pine, more dominant. As the plants mature you can also detect whiffs of a sweet lemonade scent. Cured buds retain the piney-minty smell but, in addition, a variety of flavors ranging from strawberry, melon, chocolate candy.
It contains landrace genetics from: Africa ?? Á; North India

  • Cultivation: indoor / outdoor
  • THC: 23%
  • Effect: A sativa dominant effect type; revitalizing; alert and fiery-spirited; thought-provoking; hallucinatory images; creative
  • Medical use: good potential against lethargy and depression; It stimulates appetite.
  • Flowering time outdoor: 1st week of October (south), mid October (north)
  • Indoor flowering time: 60-65 days
  • Harvest (dry weight): 400-450 gr / m2, 800-1000 gr. per plant outdoors.
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