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Diamond Queen Kush Auto · KC Brains

Diamond Queen Kush Auto is 90% indica. It grows to a height of between 70 - 110 cm. and can produce as much as 700 gr/m2 when grown indoors. This plant can also be grown very successfully outdoors where it is capable of yielding up to 160 gr/plant.

The life cycle of this strain from germination right through to harvest is 70 days. It has an earthy taste, similar to many indica strains, and imparts a physically heavy, stoned feeling.

  • Height: 70 to 110 cm
  • Inside Yield: up to 700 grams per square meter
  • Outside Yield: up to 160 Grams per plant
  • Flowering Time: 70 days
  • Type: 10% Sativa/90% Indica
  • Flavour: Earthy
  • Effect: very heavy stoned feeling
K.C. Brains Seeds

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