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Afghani # 1 · Sensi Seeds

Afghani # 1 has been created by the Dutch cannabis seed bank Sensi Seeds, thinking all lovers of 100% Indica resinous genetics, for an easy variety to grow and offering abundant harvests. 

SensiSeeds has crossed its best cultivars from Afghanistan to create the Afghani # 1, a variety that will offer plants covered by a thick layer of resin and offering great homogeneity among the different cultivated individuals. Afghani # 1 has a vigorous growth and will fill your space with its large dark green leaves, typical of this type of genetics.

It will be easy to grow and so it will be recommended for beginner growers who will have no problem to harvest an abundant crop. Experienced growers can let the Afghani # 1 express its full potential and be seduced by its strong Indica character.

Thanks to its important production of resin it will be a plant adapted for lovers of marijuana extractions, which is to produce hash with water and ice or BHO.

The effect will remember the best hashish, relaxing and deep, it will be an ideal variety to fight against stress or insomnia. The flavors will also be characteristic of this type of genetics, offering earthy and sugary nuances that remain long on the palate.

Features of Afghani # 1 of SensiSeeds

· Genetics: Afghan IBL
· 95% Indica
· Sex: Male or female plants
· Flowering indoors: 45 - 55 days
· Harvest outdoors: Half of October
· Medium size
· Performance: high

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