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    Pure Power Plant Automatic · White Label Seeds

    For many years, Pure Power Plant has been a reliable strain that delights those who grow it for its great performance, superior strength and rapid flowering. The feminized and autoflowering version of this seed gives you the opportunity to produce quality crops quickly and easily several times a year regardless of your level of experience.

    The Pure Power Plant variety has been offered in coffeeshop menus since they have existed. Voluminous, covered with crystals, and very effective for relaxation and pain relief, this is a variety that despite its long existence in the market should not go unnoticed. In fact, it should be recognized for its reliability. After the success of Pure Power Plant Feminized we took our best cultivar of this variety and crossed it with a vigorous ruderalis to create the seed strain known as Pure Power Plant Automatic. The result is an extremely easy variety to grow. Its use is recommended to beginners, people with little confidence in their abilities as farmers, those who need to produce several crops a year in one place, or anyone who needs a variety with which to try a new configuration of a growing room . It can thrive inside with lamps and can flourish outdoors in hot climates where summers are long.

    The percentage of indica and sativa of the Pure Power Plant Automatic is carefully calibrated to 50/50. Its indica component is clearly seen in its growth structure which gives this variety a compact appearance in the form of pine with short internodes and very thick lateral branches. At the end you can expect to have a plant that measures between 60 and 100 cm. When the flowers begin to develop, about four weeks after the first pair of leaves has left, the indica characteristics are also clearly visible. The buds are very dense and compact, an area in which the Indica part also predominates. The flowering period is approximately six weeks. At the end of this period, make sure that your plants receive sufficient ventilation and air circulation to avoid mold problems (the same goes for curing, do not let your hard work be wasted in the final steps!). To be short-sized plants its performance is quite high - this is another reason behind the enduring success of this strain.

    Naturally, another outstanding characteristic of the buds is its layer of trichomes, so amazingly thick that it looks like a cocoon. There are some types of marijuana that you can only know by seeing them how powerful they are, this is the case of the Pure Power Plant Automatic. The plants that grow from these cannabis seeds are not only feminized and autoflowering, they also shine beautifully.

    As noted earlier, the Indica element of the Automatic Pure Power Plant is evident in its growth structure and appearance. But what can be said about its sativa characteristics? Well, they make themselves wait and manifest themselves in their fabulous effects. Expect a rise as powerful as its name implies. Some types of grass are "climbers" - the effects are not immediately felt until after they have slipped away without you noticing and you are already up. That is not the case with this variety. The Power Plant Automatica goes up from the first smoke, and does not let you go down for several hours. It is a perfect option to accompany a physical activity such as yoga or lifting weights because it provides a lucid euphoria that can also be very energizing. However, be careful - if you have never used cannabis before and you decide to smoke it for the first time, you will go to very deep places. Beginners be careful!

    The aromas and flavors are an unusual and delicious combination of wood and spices with pepper smells. This is a very robust strain that can dominate the fragrance of any other variety that you have in your growing place. Once harvested and cultivated, when consumed you can feel a citrus sweetness, especially when used with a vaporizer.

    · "Cool / Cool
    · Compact plant
    · Flowering 45 - 55 days
    · Average performance
    · 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

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