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Wreckage · TH Seeds

A completely new mixture of two superhíbridos: Trainwreck original Arcata, and SAGE ®. Both have a good Sativa effect can fully appreciate the true connoisseur. By contrast, growth is quite different from OG TW, a slender plant and can pretty rampage while blooming, making the grow room appears to have suffered actual damage, with tips and branches everywhere. 
SAGE, his Afghan base, rounded mix and gives an explosive growth and influence a nice structure indicates that brings order to the TW line, sometimes difficult. 
The menthol flavor O.G. TW and spicy sandalwood flavor of SAGE ® produce a feeling full of flavor that numbs the tongue. 

  • Type Indica / Sativa 
  • Height 120-160 cm 
  • Performance +350 g/m2 
  • Flowering time 60 days

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