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    Diamond Girl · Green House Seeds 

    Previously known as Silver Pearl, this is a classic from the Green House Coffeeshop menu, now available in seed form. It flowers in 8 weeks, and can produce indoors up to 750 grams per square meter (under 1000 Watt of light per square meter). Outdoors it is ready by the end of September, with a production up to 900 grams per plant (with very large plants).
    It's a fast-hitting indica, with a relaxing effect and a sweet, flowery taste. The effect is mild, but very long-lasting. It is a good plant for beginners.

    • Genetics: Skunk x NL x Haze x Early Pearl, aka Silver Pearl
    • Effect: A fast-hitting indica, with a very relaxing attitude. Mild, long-lasting.
    • Flowering indoor: 8 weeks, with production up to 750 gr/m2. Ideal for SoG, SCRoG or LST.
    • Flowering outdoor: Ready by the end of September (North hemisphere) with a production up to 900 gr/plant.  Medium-size, branchy plant.
    • THC: 14.99% CBD:  0.17% CBG: 0.38% 
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