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G- Bomb · Big Buddha Seeds  

The G-force, also known as the G, is an elite clone found in the underground network of the UK. Due to its overwhelming power and strength, it is a favorite for growers and smokers today.

Big Buddha's G-bomb retains the outstanding qualities of the G-force... this is a true Indica plant, a real hard-hitting resin producer. Highly recommended for both novice and expert growers; she will reward you with a unique, pungent, medicinal, quality smoke and an impressive knock-out stoned high... a real big hitter!

  • Parents: UK G-Force Clone only (selfed).
  • Flowering time indoors: 8 -10 weeks.
  • Flowering time outdoors: Beginning November.
  • Sensory experience: Heavy narcotic, body stone.
  • Smell: Spicy, pungent, hash.
  • Taste: Lemon hash plant, truly bad-ass dank.
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