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The Nepalese sativa is a strong and compact highland sativa with short flowering and excellent resistance against mold and cold. Its dense and resinous flowers produce first class hash.

The Nepalese was crossed with a touch of Jamaican’85 to add vigor, yield, bluish colors and the classic positive Jamaican effect to the final hybrid, whilst maintaining the original Nepalese sativa behavior.

Growing Tips: Nepal Jam has acquired a surprising resistance against cold, rain and all types of fungus. It produces excellent results, flowering even on foggy or icy days (in conditions where other varieties would easily die or rot).It has been grown in a great variety of climates: warm or cold, dry or wet, including northern countries from Central and Eastern Europe.Due to its stability, adaptability and resistance, we highly recommend Nepal Jam for breeding projects, and to develop fast flowering hybrids of warm and expansive effect. We recommend average fertilizer levels for the whole cycle.

Excellent sativa for rainy and cold climates, and for indoor growing.

  • Format    Feminized
  • Sativa / Indica ratio    60 % sativa / 40 % indica
  • THC    10-15 %
  • CBD    Below 1 %
  • Flowering indoors    9 weeks
  • Flowering outdoors    End of September / Early October
  • Yield    Average-High
  • Resistance against spider mites    Average-High
  • Resistance against powder mildew    High
  • Resistance against botrytis    High
  • Resistance against white fly    Average-High
  • Resistance against cold    High
  • Resistance against heat    Average-High
  • Latitude    0º-47º
  • Genetics    (Nepalese/Jamaica '85) x Nepalese.
  • Structure    Small-medium structure with columnar growth.
  • Bouquet    Seductive sweet, creamy and caramelized aroma, with hints of honey.
  • High    Warm, clean and expansive effect that leaves you happy and floating on air for 2-3 hours.
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