From Drgreenstore we bring you the Purple Punch OG variety, the result of the hybridization between two elite clones, the sum of two champion genetics of recognized prestige on the international cannabis scene, now in your garden.

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Purple Punch OG · Sweet Seeds

Variety resulting from the hybridization between an elite clone of Purple Punch (Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purple) and an elite clone of Star Killer (Skywalker OG Kush x Rare Dankness # 2). Two champion genetics of recognized prestige on the international cannabis scene.

Mainly indica variety, with a compact structure, with a large main bud and robust lateral branches. It produces dense buds covered with abundant highly aromatic resin. The production of terpenes is very high, very suitable for the extraction of concentrates. Due to their Grand Daddy Purple ancestry, some individuals may display purple or reddish hues in flowers and leaves.

The aroma and flavor is delicious and complex, sweet and fruity, with very spicy OG Kush tones and hints of lemon. The effect is intense and relaxing.


  • variety SWS93
  • Indica / Sativa 80% / 20%
  • THC 18-22%
  • CBD 0.5%
  • Seed type Photodependent, Purple flower
  • Production Indoor 400-550 g / m2
  • Outdoor Production 350-600 g / plant
  • Indoor flowering 8 weeks
  • Outdoor Harvest mid-September
  • Feminized Sex
  • Indica plant type
  • Cup Winner No
  • Relaxing Effects
  • Taste Fruity, Sweet, Spicy, Lemon
  • Flowering time indoors Short
  • High Production
  • High THC
  • Very low CBD
  • Power Powerful Effect
  • Other Features Easy to Grow, Ideal Resin Extraction, Moisture Resistant
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