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Orange Candy / Naranchup · Philosopher Seeds · Golo Line

To create this variety we used Naran J, a prominent clone from an old variety from the closet of Reggae Seeds. It originates from a cross between New York Diesel and Morning Glory. Crossing it with the male reversed Tropimango, we have improved the existing delectable orange flavor of Naran J and we've added the vigor and productivity of the father.

This cross didn't happen by chance as we were convinced that the diesel flavor would further enhance the special citrus taste we love.

Culture: Suitable for indoor, outdoor and Guerilla. High yield.

Orange Candy / Naranchup is a plant with a robust, low stocky body and short internodal spacing.

For exterior grows apical pruning is recommended to promote growth as a shrub width increases production and results in better camouflage.

However for indoor SOG cultivation and a density of 20 to 25 plants per m2, it is preferable to prune the lower branches and thus promote the formation of large central buds. For a lower concentration (9 to 12 plants per m2) leave more lower branches to maximise the use of space.

Orange Candy / Naranchup is an avid consumer of nutrients, which it easily transforms into abundant buds. This variety has the peculiarity of being very sensitive to the type of fertilizer (organic or mineral). In organic farming, its aroma is subtle, refined and mature. However, it will more powerful but less refined with mineral fertilizer.

Orange Candy / Naranchup is suitable for all types of grows or growers since it is pests resistant and can withstand shortages and excesses of fertilization or temperature, which makes it easy to grow.

Taste and effects: Orange: Very marked terpenes. While we may occasionally have difficulty in defining flavor, Orange Candy / Naranchup leaves no doubt unlike some varieties, converting even the most sceptical. A burst of orange flavor in the mouth gives way to a diesel aftertaste. A sublime marriage for the avid connoisseur.

Orange Candy / Naranchup has a very quick uplifting effect, with a potent psychedelic almost instantaneous high, which stabilizes and settles into a bodily effect. Specially suitable for moments of artistic creativity and introspection. It is a variety suitable for social or recreational use.


  • Genetics: Naran J X Tropimango
  • Sativa/Indica content: 65%- 35%
  • Indoor flowering: 50-60
  • Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Early October
  • Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Early April
  • Indoor yield: 500-600 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 600-2000 g per plant
  • THC: 19%
  • CBD: Low
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