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Once upon a time there were breeders who decided to select a special Northern Lights phenotype. And after seven generations of meticulous breeding, Deimos was born. Excellent qualities such as production, type and intensity of aromas, effect, short flowering times, amount of trichome, resistance to diseases and no tendency to hermaphroditism, try it now!

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Auto Deimos Caramel · Dr Green Seeds

Auto Deimos Caramel is the result of a balanced mix of different high quality indica varieties, this autoflowering plant has a spicy and fruity flavor.

Indoors, it produces 450-525g / m² of buds, while those who grow it outdoors can harvest between 80 and 100 grams per plant. Deimos reaches 70-80cm tall, perfect for guerilla growers. But this plant does develop significant lateral branching, something to be aware of before planting hundreds of Deimos plants in a confined space. Dense and resinous buds with an intense flavor.

Advice. Provide an organic and formulated diet for auto-flowering plants. Treat with fungicide between the third and fifth week.

Its effect is quite relaxing, with pleasant physical sensations. You may also experience some extravagant reflections, all bathed in a particular and caramelized flavor.


  • Genetic origin: Northerlights x Cream Caramel x Rudelaris
  • Indoor dry performance: 350-500 grams / m2
  • Indoor flowering time: 5-6 weeks
  • Thc / Cbd: Thc 18% - Medium Cbd
  • Genetic mix: 10% Sativa, 70% Indica, 20% Rudelaris
  • Difficulty level in cultivation: Easy
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