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Ocean Grown Cookies is: a cannabis jewel born close to the Pacific boasting the strong scent that has pushed American strains to their legendary status.


Ocean Grown Cookies ·   Dinafem Seeds

The heir to the OG Kush throne: Ocean Grown Cookies is a feminised cannabis seed that brings together two U.S. legends:  is there anything more special than crossing the most famous Girl Scout of the west coast and another Californian all-time classic as is the incredible OG Kush? From this powerful marriage comes Ocean Grown Cookies. 

Ocean Grown Cookies grows into mid-sized plants that can reach 3 meters in optimal conditions when cultivated outdoors. Good news for those who find trimming a nuisance: her calyx-to-leaf ratio is very high.

Yield: Ocean Grown Cookies yields stand out for their incredible quality. Under optimal conditions, preferably in an organic grow, this jewel can produce up to 450-550 g/m2 indoors and 750-950 g/plant outdoors. 

Aromas and flavours: It is thanks to this that Cookies hybrids have carved out a place among the most reputed strains of all time: their tastes and scents are simply amazing,  a mind-blowing strain noted for her potency and distinctive aroma, hallmark of the west coast: a blend of earthy and Kushy scents with sweet and fruity undernotes.

Effects: The high delivered by Ocean Grown Cookies can only be described with one word: devastating.  Expect a gentle wave of blissful euphoria that goes straight to the head and turns more physically relaxing over time. Powerful, hard-hitting, and sedative, in true Californian style.

We promise: it’ll be worth it!

Characteristics of Ocean Grown Cookies cannabis seeds

  • SexFeminised
  • Genotype70% Indica / 30% Sativa
  • CrossOG Kush x Girl Scout Cookies
  • Suitable forIndoors and outdoors
  • Indoor flowering55-65 days
  • Indoor yield450-550 g/m2
  • Indoor heightMedium
  • Outdoor harvest timeOctober
  • Outdoor yield750-950 g/plant
  • THC*20%
  • CBD*0.1%
  • THC/CBD ratio200:1

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